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Do you have a project in mind and could use some guidance? Maybe it’s a video, a sculpture, a dance piece, a painting, or something else super creative? Perhaps you have no one to give you feedback, and you don’t have enough funding? Well, why not apply for the Mythical Creative Grant?

The Mythical Creative Grant is intended to help support, facilitate and empower creativity within The Mythical Society. Twice per year, a $1000 grant will be awarded to one member from The Mythical Society’s 3rd Degree who submits a creative project proposal of exceptional excellence. As the winning creator journeys toward project completion, we, Rhett & Link, will personally assist him/her with constructive criticism and suggestions. There are no restrictions in terms of medium or scope, but it must be a project that is started from scratch. All applicants will be asked to provide the following:

• Name, contact info, project title and medium

• Written proposal of 500 words (maximum) explaining your creative project and why you should receive the grant

• Brief explanation as to how you plan to document the process and deliver the final product to us

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