Quarterly Collectible Items

Every quarter, we release a unique collectible item that is ONLY available to 3rd Degree members of the Mythical Society! Learn more about the quarterly item process HERE, and view the current and past quarterly collectible items below!

Rhett & Link Sing Brooks & Dunn in the Year 3000!

Q2 2022

This quarter’s Mythical Society collectible has big hair, silver lips, and not one but two mustaches…announcing the Rhett & Link Sing Brooks & Dunn in the Year 3000 vinyl record! We covered two of our favorite tunes – Neon Moon and Boot Scootin’ Boogie – but with an electronic, futuristic twist you’re gonna love.

You must join 3rd Degree Monthly by April 30th or 3rd Degree Quarterly or Annual by June 30th to be eligible for the vinyl!

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Blood Oath: Rhett & Link vs the Global Lovemaking Crisis!

Q1 2022

Announcing the first quarterly collectible item of the year – Mythical’s first-ever comic book! Featuring evil JADE, a lovemaking crisis of epic proportions and transformations into a mythical Zegasoose, Blood Oath: Rhett & Link vs the Global Lovemaking Crisis is a story of unprecedented adventure you don’t want to miss! There are two different covers – and you won’t know which one you’ll get!

You must have been a 3rd Degree Monthly member by January 31st or 3rd Degree Quarterly or Annual member by March 31st to get the comic book – one of the most unique collectibles ever created for the Mythical Society!

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Rhett & Link Plushies

Q4 2021

We’ve seen a lot of requests for Rhett & Link Plushies over the years and guess what – they’re finally here!

Rhett & Link Plushies are the last quarterly collectible item of the year, and they are only available to 3rd Degree Mythical Society members.

Mythical Society Onesie

Q3 2021

Get comfy Mythical-style in our newest Society-exclusive item, the Mythical Society Onesie!

Rhett & Link Sing Lionel 12" Vinyl Record

Q2 2021

We made a record JUST for the Mythical Society! The Rhett & Link Sing Lionel record is ONLY available to 3rd Degree Mythical Society members! This unique collectible has two incredible songs, and of course a tribute with the perfect Lionel Richie pose to end all Lionel poses.

Snackiverse Lunch Box & Thermos Set

Q1 2021

Travel through the Snackiverse with Rhett & Link and indulge in some well deserved nostalgia – complete with a thermos (even if your lunch will most likely be eaten at home). The Mythical Snackiverse Lunch Box & Thermos Set has beautiful painted designs of Rhett, Link, and many Alternate Universe snack creations!

Rhett & Link Bobbleheads

Q4 2020

Bring the GMM desk into your home/office/cave/loft with the Rhett and Link Bobbleheads. We will become your yes men, or no men, whatever direction you want us to bob, it’s on you!

The Cloak of Mythicality

Q3 2020

Cozy up in the Mythical Society Onesie! Only available to 3rd Degree members.

Rhett & Link On Vacation 12" Vinyl Record

Q2 2020

The exclusive Rhett & Link On Vacation Vinyl includes a remix of “I’m On Vacation” as well as the original, a previously unreleased song, “Why I Travel,” and a special surprise inside!

Stereoscopic Viewer

Q1 2020

Rhett & Link recreate classic 80s movies (that Link hasn’t seen!) in unique, original photographs. There are also secret clues that lead to a special surprise!

Good Morning Chia Rhett & Link Chia Heads

Q4 2019

Rhett & Link become the classic Chia heads!

Rhett & Link Sing Merle 12" Vinyl Record

Q3 2019

Rhett and Link cover “Silver Wings” and “Driftwood.”

Oracles of the Age Old Question Print

Q2 2019

A unique, one-of-a-kind print of a painting by an original artist!

UV Color-Changing Mythical Society T-Shirt

Q1 2019

This exclusive Mythical Society shirt changes colors in the sun and reveals the Mythical Society logo.