Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I log in to the site?

Check your browser’s security settings: Our membership software won’t work if you’ve disabled 3rd-party cookies. Either change your settings or use another browser.

How can I update my email address or other personal information?

Log in to your account 


 to make these changes.

How do I reset my password?



, enter your email address, and then click send me reset instructions. To ensure the reset process is secure:

Password reset links automatically expire after 48 hours.

Password reset links can only be clicked once. If you click the link, but don’t reset your password, the link becomes invalid.

If the link becomes invalid, delete the old reset email and start with a fresh password reset.

How can I add an avatar (profile picture) to my account?

The avatar service we use is called


. Sign in/create an account using the same email you use for the Mythical Society.

How do I download the mythical society app?

The Mythical Society app is free and available on iOS and Android! Visit the

Apple Store


Google Play Store

to download.

I still have questions about the Mythical Society app!

Please contact our customer support


and we'll be happy to help! Additional information can also be found



Do I have to pay an extra charge for the quarterly collectibles?

You do not need to pay an extra fee. Quarterly collectibles are included in the price of membership for eligible members. For more information on eligibility, see question “How do I receive a quarterly item/ what are the eligibility requirements?”

If I’m international do I still receive the quarterly items/pin/patch? Do I have to pay shipping?

Yes, you will receive everything. It just may take a little bit longer.

No, you don’t need to pay for shipping. However, we can’t control customs costs.

How do I receive a quarterly item/what are the eligibility requirements?

Quarterly items are NOT shipped automatically – we send a redemption email to all eligible members so that they may input their best shipping address, as often members have billing addresses on their profiles. There is always a two-week redemption period – you MUST redeem by the deadline! There will be multiple reminders via posts on the Mythical Society website, Discord, and email. Please remember to check spam, and add to your email address book. If you forgot to redeem by the deadline, PLEASE contact us



In order to be eligible to receive quarterly items, you must meet eligibility requirements – as a 3rd Degree Monthly member, you must have three payments (be a member for the full quarter that the item is offered); as a 3rd Degree Quarterly or Annual member, you must join by the last day of the quarter that the item is offered. There are specific pages for each item outlining exact dates.

How do I collect my quarterly collectible/pin/patch?

Pin/Patch: 2nd and 3rd Degree members will receive a redemption link upon sign-up. Please check your spam folder and add to your email address book.

Quarterly items: Eligible members will receive an email with a link to redeem each item typically around the beginning of the new quarter (January, April, July, October). For each quarterly item, there is a deadline to redeem that will be publicized. The redemption period for quarterly items is usually around two weeks. If you have not received an email, please send a message through our contact page 



Please note – you must redeem your items (pin, patch, quarterly items) in order to receive them!

How do I collect my pin/patch if I upgraded my Degree from 1st to 2nd or 3rd?

You should receive a redemption email upon upgrade. If you do not receive a redemption email, please contact our customer support portal



How do I track my quarterly item/pin/patch?

For up-to-date information on your order, please use our “check order status” page. First, visit

this link


Then click “no order number” and put in the email you used for the redemption. You should receive an email with your order history and the order numbers (should look like #ITEMNAME- numbers). Put the order name plus numbers that you received in the email into the “check order status” box to see your order status.

If you see "Your order has shipped! See below for any available tracking information" be sure to scroll to the bottom of the popup window for the tracking link.

Why haven’t I received my quarterly item/pin/patch?

There may be a few reasons!


Did you redeem the pin/patch or quarterly item (you should have received an email with a redemption link).


If you are international, things take significantly longer to ship.


Did you fill out your address properly? Please, double-check.

If the above reasons do not apply to your situation, first check your order status/ tracking (See “How do I track my pin/patch/quarterly item?”), then please send customer support a message through our contact page 



Where is the Mythical store discount code and Mythical Society exclusive items password?

The current month's discount code and password can be found 


. The discount code is located in the top box and the password to purchase Mythical Society exclusive items is in the paragraph below. Be sure to double-check you're using the correct password to enter the store and the correct discount code at checkout!

How do I join the Discord server?

Set up your free Discord account (if you don’t yet have one), then access the Mythical Society Discord server 



Not sure how to use Discord? View our how-to guide 



How can I gift a subscription?

It’s easy to gift a subscription. Follow the links to gift:

1st Degree Monthly


1st Degree Annual


2nd Degree Monthly


2nd Degree Annual


3rd Degree Monthly


3rd Degree Quarterly

, and

3rd Degree Annual


You will be prompted to enter the gift recipient’s name and email address, the delivery date, a personalized message, and your payment information. The gift recipient will receive an email with a link to activate their gift. If a physical address is required, the gift recipient will have the opportunity to enter it when they activate the gift.

Keep in mind that you’re purchasing a one-time gift for the selected term (e.g. month, quarter, or year). The gift recipient will be responsible for adding a payment method before the next renewal period if they’d like to continue with the subscription.

Please note, if you currently have a subscription that is active, activating/redeeming a gift does not automatically add on to when your current subscription would end – the gift starts the day you activate it. You can redeem your gift whenever you’d like – if you have an active subscription, you can wait until your current subscription would expire and then activate your gift.

How do I update/change my credit card?



to edit/change/add a new card.

Why was my payment declined?

If your payment was declined and you don’t know why, you may need to contact your bank to tell them that this charge is approved to go through. If after this step you are still having issues, please email

How do I upgrade or downgrade my Degree?

While logged in, click


 to change your Degree level.

How does the subscription/renewal process work?

Like most subscription services, upon sign-up subscriptions will automatically renew. To stop your account from auto-renewing, turn off auto-renewal from the Subscriptions tab.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account


and toggle auto-renew off from the Subscriptions tab. If you have turned auto-renew off after a payment, you will not be charged again, and your subscription will remain active until your original renewal date.

Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds due to the nature of our service and exclusive content. You will be charged every month (on a monthly plan), every quarter (if you are on the 3rd Degree Quarterly plan) or every year (if you are on an annual plan) until you turn off auto-renew. We cannot offer a refund for those who forget to turn off auto-renew.

I still have Questions! What do I do?

Please contact our customer support portal


or email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have! If you're already a Mythical Society member, you may also send a direct message (DM) to a Mythical Society Admin on Discord.